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1E9_the conference 2019

1E9 the_conference is not just a tech-conference packed with handpicked keynotes, discussions, workshops, networking opportunities and art. It was the start of a permanent community that will enrich Germany’s tech ecosystem.

1 DAY | 4 STAGES | 100+ SPEAKERS | 800+ GUESTS

_the topcis

Making Artificial Intelligence and robots work for us.
Creating a clean, smart and connected mobility.
Blockchain and beyond: Towards a decentralized future.
Privacy, openness, digital identity: New paradigms for the internet.
New Frontiers: Extending the spheres of humanity in space and on earth.
Ideas for a sustainable, liveable and healthy life and planet.

1E9 also has a website..

_aki’s role: chief of operations

event concept & strategy, production, stage concepts, speaker & partner management, service providers.. everything.

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